My Creative Commons License

ImageI chose to use the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  My main goal is to ensure my work is able to spread as much as possible.  This will help me advance in my career, enable me to get feedback from a wide variety of people, and contribute in my own small way to society’s knowledge.  With this in mind I chose not to enforce a “share alike” agreement of my work that says everybody that uses my work has to make it as open access as I am.  I don’t want to dissuade people from using my work just because they don’t want to share their work openly and I don’t think I have the stature to force people to take an open access stance.  I think they would just use something else that was more suited to their needs.  I also chose to allow my work to be used for commercial purposes.  It irritates me a little that other people are getting paid for work that I contributed to without receiving any of the monetary benefits.  However, hopefully spreading my work to the broadest possible audiences will help me in other ways and make up for the lost revenue I would have received.  I am also realistic that the amount of money I would receive if I did require payment would be little or nothing.


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